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My Priorities

A decade of service on the Elmhurst City Council has taught me the significance of engaging with constituents, thoroughly investigating the issues, fostering consensus, and creating effective solutions thathelp communities thrive. As your state representative, I will advocate for the values and interests of our district while working towards a bright and resilient future for Illinois. 

Expanding Economic Opportunities


It is critical for Illinois to leverage and highlight the state’s existing strengths, including a highly-educated workforce, global transportation hub, and world-class universities and laboratories. I will advocate for new, strategic investments, including for our local schools, to grow our economy and prepare the state and all Illinoisians for the future. 


  • Invest in education – Our public schools need greater resources to help students succeed and secure good-paying careers. I will advocate for new funding for our schools to ensure our children receive a world-class education in classrooms that maximize individualized instruction while reducing the reliance on property taxes.

  • Build an inclusive economy by expanding access to career and technical educationIllinois currently has a shortage of workers in skilled trade positions, including welders, electricians, and carpenters. I will champion investments in vocational education and training and apprenticeship opportunities to prepare the next generation for high-wage jobs.

  • Invest in resilient infrastructure and transportation – I will support investments that elevate the region’s role as a transportation hub and connect jobs and housing. In every case, new projects should be designed to increase the region’s capacity to mitigate and adapt to climate change. 

Protecting Fundamental Rights  


Our freedoms and democracy are too important to be taken for granted. I will support legislation that safeguards the inherent rights of individuals, preserves our democracy, and protects voting rights for all residents of Illinois.


  • Ensure access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare – I believe in a person’s right to make decisions about their own reproductive health care, contraception, and maternity care. I will always support the right to choose and work to protect and expand access to reproductive health care, including continued public support of Planned Parenthood or similar organizations that make these services available to all. 

  • Protect and expand voting rights – Our democracy is stronger when more people have access to the ballot box. I will work to expand and improve access for all eligible voters, encourage broader participation in our voting process, and work to protect and ensure accurate election results by supporting and funding strong cybersecurity initiatives.

  • Preserve LGBTQ+ rights – Fundamental rights are just that – fundamental, essential and inherent to all, regardless of a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. During this time of increased violence and hate speech, it is more important than ever for us to support and recommit to the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Gun Violence Prevention


Guns are making our families and communities less safe and making the work of first responders more dangerous than ever. I am committed to supporting common-sense, evidence-based, firearm legislation that will tighten loopholes and reduce gun violence in our communities.


  • Defend the Ban on Assault Weapons – There is no place in our communities for military-style assault weapons. In 2023, Illinois became the ninth state to ban the sale and possession of assault weapons. I will defend and support the ban on assault weapons for the safety of our children, families, and law enforcement. 

  • Enforce and Expand the Use of Firearm Restraining Orders - Firearm restraining orders or “red flag laws” are civil orders that allow for temporary removal of firearms and ammunition when an individual is deemed a potential danger to themselves or others. Firearm restraining orders have been shown to be effective in reducing gun-related violence and gun deaths. Illinois was on the forefront of enacting FRO legislation; however, significant education and training is still needed so that Illinoisans have knowledge of the law, when and how to file a FRO, and how it can be effective in helping a family member in crisis. 

  • Strengthen Firearm Safe Storage Requirements – At present, Illinois does not have a law that requires unattended firearms to be stored in a safe manner. Although the state generally makes it unlawful for a person to store or leave their firearm unlocked and accessible to a minor under the age of 14, there are several exceptions where this provision doesn’t apply. Safe storage and limiting a child’s access to firearms is critical in reducing preventable deaths, and I am committed to tightening loopholes that continue to endanger our children.

Fiscal Stability


Progress and prosperity in Illinois are dependent on the state’s ability to provide services while balancing the ongoing fiscal health and stability of the state. Illinois is on the right track with nine credit upgrades since 2021, an increase in the “rainy day fund” from near zero in 2017 to $2 billion, and the lowest accounts payable balance in two decades. I am committed to continuing the discipline that led to these notable improvements while also protecting critical services for Illinois families and seniors. 

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